People are making a big deal out of the use of the name Geronimo as the code name for Bin laden. Anyone that doesn't see the parallel between the two is just "History Blind." Mexico and the US hunted for Geronimo for years as he went from Nation to Nation and killed people. He was one of the most notorious people in his time and while those revisionists that want to make him out a hero, have turned a blind eye to the deaths he caused. Several people are trying to get the Kansas Governor to ask the President to issue an apology. I call BS on that one. Near as I know Geronimo never set foot in Kansas and most of the people of Kansas think this is a big thing made out over nothing.

Yesterday we had a heat wave and it is in the mid 70's here before 9 AM. There is a slight wind and it was beautiful out there playing stick with Taco. A cuppa coffee, a nice dog, nice weather and green everywhere I looked. It might get better than that but I'm not sure how. I have almost stopped buying lottery tickets as I'm not sure what else I would want. Perhaps a place where it is nicer in the wintertime but not a lot else.

For some reason, we live in an area where the red and gray squirrels both live. I guess that most places have one or the other. Barb wants to go to Marysville, KS and see the black squirrels there. Barb also got a picture of the white tailed, Kaibab, squirrel at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. None of the others in the photography class got a picture. I guess it just goes to show you that some people are nuts about things.

Oh well, gotta go. Not sure where, but I will go at full speed.


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