Alone Day

Barb is off doing her Jury Duty today and here I am alone at Rabbit Run.  This morning when I went out to fetch the paper, I saw that the neighbor has a cement crew there at his house doing his rear patio.  Lots of work and they will have to carry all the cement to the patio with a power buggy.  Not the way I would want to spend my day but it is pretty nice out there right now.

I went over to see what the heck they are doing and to get in a quick petting session with Sadie, the prettiest dog in Town.  She is a cross between a black Lab and a Golden lab.  She is that silver color of a Weimaraner and because she is still a young dog kind of nutty.  I would love to take her home and spend some time teaching her to be a good dog.  I am afraid that she will be caged up all day and not get the kind of training she needs.

The other day Barb and I were talking about some of the dogs we have had over the years.  The best was the Golden Lab, Moose.  The worst was his companion Annie.  When she died, I replaced her with Baby another female black lab and she was not bright either.  The male black lab, Taco was one nice dog and pretty smart.  Right now we are without a dog and I think Barb would rather keep it that way.  

I am going to go downtown at noon and have lunch with Barb.  We will met at the Classic Bean and probably have one of their great sandwiches.  Throw in a good iced tea and some potato salad and it will be  a great lunch.  The only problem right now is that Kansas Ave is pretty torn up and parking is at a premium.  Not sure why Topeka thinks we need to have Kansas Ave torn up every few years, but they do.  I am pretty sure that it about kills the stores downtown.  Speaking of dead stores, Barb and I went over to the Mall and there must be 5 or six empty stores in the Mall.  We ate at the Japanese restaurant and it was pretty poor.  One small cup full of salad shrimp and rice was about 8 dollars.  Barb had the veggies and rice and with our drinks it came to the biggest share of $20.00.  

Oh well, better get the ball rolling for the day.


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