Is it August Already?

Seems like this year is just rushing by and The summer with it.  Yes dear friends, I am now 68 and it seems like only yesterday I was a young buck full of vim and vigor.  Now I am an old fart and full of verse and vinegar.  Now if I could just remember all those darn passwords. 

Earlier this week I put on a marathon mowing session and seems like it has taken longer to get over all the work than it did to do that work.  Kind of like Mom would say that she had to rest up from resting up.  Dang I miss her.

This Wednesday we went over to Lawrence to have lunch with all the family.  Seems like I was the only guy with about 7 women.  About the time our food came in, another group of people arrived to share the room.  It was five women and only one guy.  The guys were way outnumbered.  Oh well, it was a pleasant time had by most of us.  

For my birthday I got a new portable computer and it has windows 10 on it.  Have you ever had a touchscreen that you don't know where to touch?  Kind of like dating, you would hate to mess things up by doing something totally inappropriate but sometimes you can't help yourself.   The sad part is when things just go away and you don't know where they went.  I had about half a pithy message written and I don't know if it got sent or just went to that great digit cemetery somewhere out in the cosmos.  (What ever that means)  I am thinking about upgrading my main computer to Windows 10 but it isn't touch screen.  I have to use a mouse and know how it works now. 

Yesterday we went for a bike ride and I swear once I worked up a little sweat it was almost too cool for shorts and a t-shirt.  This morning it is kind of cool but tomorrow the heat index is supposed to be near 110 so I probably need to get out and do something this morning. 

Our neighbor's son got a new puppy and when I go outside I can hear him barking that he is all alone on their back porch.  Makes me want to go over and steal him for some playtime.  I'm sure they give him lots of attention in the evening but during the day he is all alone and hates it. 

What do the early August Birthday people have in common?  Thanksgiving.  That's about the time from creation to birth for the Homo Sapiens.  I am not sure why that came out, but live with it, I do.  Speaking of Birthdays, Saturday we will go to Kansas City to celebrate all the August Birthdays. What a fine group of people the Leo's are. 

Batter get this in gear and get moving.


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