Oh dear

The elementary school I went to as a kid has a Facebook site and I wrote a short story about the time in the second grade I quit school.  One of the girls that writes a lot of replies said I should write about the joyous times and not the traumatic times.  I didn't think it was traumatic, I quit school in the second grade and for a day or two, I wasn't going back.  Period!   Another blog Nazi  trying to edit what people write. 

It appears to be another overcast and cooler day today here in the Heartland.  Should be a great day for a bike ride.  In a few minutes I will go out and load up the bikes and we'll dash off to trails in other parts.  If we go early enough and there isn't some type of walk a thon should not be bad.  I may even go over to the trail by the Brown Vs Board of Education site and ride south from there.   There is hardly ever many people on that trail.  

Does your city have bikes to rent places strategically about town?   I stopped to look at the bikes over at the lake this week and saw the strangest setup[ for a bike.  Instead of a chain, the front pedals were hooked up to the rear end by a solid drive tube to a rear hub.  Because there is no chain, the gears to make it easier to ride are all enclosed in a transmission attached to the rear end.  Some day when I have more time, I will go over and rent one and see how it works.  One of the things I hate about the recumbent is the chain slap because it is so far from the pedals to the rear end on the design of my bike.  If there was a better way to transmit the pedal travel to the rear end, I would hop on it like a duck on a June bug.   I have a design to stop the chain slap but not the ability to make it work.  Perhaps when we go to Idaho later on this year I might be able to convince my builder to make it work. 

Last year I was the nominations committee for the Barbershop Chorus.  I worked it alone and this year I have a couple of guys that have stepped up to help.  I am going to use them as I think it might be a tough year for the chorus.   The one good thing is that I think there are a couple of new Baritones going to join us and I may move back to Bass. 

Oh well, better get this show on the road and go get the bikes ready to go.


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