My Platform

If I were running for Political Office this is what I would say about the items highlighted:

Freedom - Back in the beginning of our Country, there were a lot of things said about what was important then and how to change what was written.   I do feel there is a need to have changes made but I caution you all about starting down a slippery slope and changing things in ways not delineated in the Constitution.  Fort example.  The Westboro Baptist Church has a message that is clearly anti LGBT. ( Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender) People want us to change our laws and make it illegal for them to use their Free Speech, or Freedom of Religion rights.  If you don't like their message, ignore them.  They only gain power from those that shout back or try to pass laws to shut them up. They have sued the city of Topeka and won a lot of the attempts to quiet them.

Guns - If it was easy to control the ownership of guns, New York City, Detroit, Chicago and other major Metropolitan cities would have done so.   My Mother always said that anyone that passes a law they have no idea how to enforce is just stupid.  If you can muster up the right number of votes to change the second amendment, go get  'em. 

Taxes - Clearly there is a movement in our Congress to make more and more things provided by the Government and I don't mind so long as they figure out how to pay for it all.   In my perfect world, outgo would be equal to or less than income.  The first job would be for the Congress to find a way to really pick a number they can spend and set the taxes at that level.  I think their carelessness would soon be apparent and the current bunch of drunken sailor's would soon be send home.  Tell the truth about how we borrow about 30% of every dollar we spend.  Thee that to the new voters and see if their  atitudes don't change in a hurry.  I think we need to have the IRS out enforcing the with holdings of every company.  I would have a flat tax on every damn thing.   Interest income, royalties, rents and income of any type would be chargeable.

Size of Government - I read that all Governments want to grow their size as they think they have the protections for their citizens.  I think we have been about protected to death and need to find a way to make the Government right-size its self.

Welfare - People that think we don't need to feed and house our poor are just dead from the neck up.  I want a way to take these people and educate/train them into the tax payers we all want.  Start with the young mothers that have children.  Put about 1/3 of them in charge of running a day care to take care of the other 2/3rds of the children.  The other 2/3rds would be enrolled in a program to give them skills or training.  After two years the first 2/3rds would be enrolled in a program to learn a skill or get an education.  A new 1/3 would be in charge of taking care of the kids.  I am not sure who would be responsible for this program but it comes under HHS and Department of Education.

Right to Vote -    There are very few restrictions on the right to vote in my perfect world.  Break the laws at the felony level and you would have to pass a government class to get that right back.  

Other Categories -  All politicians have to take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the level (State or Federal) the will serve.   That means that they do what the law allows or does not allow.  Their personal feelings, religion or ideals shall not keep them from doing what they are elected to do.  That means that if it is legal, you will do those things in your job description.  End of Message.


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