In my lifetime, I have been exposed to all sorts of dogs and this is not a list of how smart the breeds of dogs are, but how smart the dogs I knew were.

1.  The smartest dog bar none was Snoop Dog a border collie mix that belonged to Danny Jones.
2.  The second smartest dog I had was a Golden Retriever names Moose.  Sweet dog.
3.  The third dog on this list is a Manchester Terrier that was with me for most of my childhood.  Rex was not afraid of about any dog and would bite you if you tried to wrestle with me.  OK, I loved this dog and he probably should be lower on the list.
4.  My grandfather always had a bird dog or two and I really won't rate them in any order except Katy was one of the last and a dog that loved kids.
5.  One time I was in Arkansas and wanted to go hunt squirrels.  My grandfather said to take cookie, a Boston bull terrier and just watch her hunt.  She hated the bushy tailed tree rats and while she couldn't smell, she had an eyesight that was phenomenal.   OK, I did laugh the time the lake turned over and about a thousand shad were killed.  Cookie ate her fill and about midnight puked shad all over my grandpa.  
5.1  There is a tie because I loved that little Dachshund  Grissy.    She was not the smartest but she was one dog that everyone loved.  

6.  I never did learn the dog's name but there was one dog on my paper route that made it her life's history to ambush me and try to bite.  I hated the attacks but thought the way she pulled them off was pretty neat.
7.  There was this old collie that everyone thought had no teeth.  He would bark at me every day but never got up and tried to bite...  Except one Saturday after Thanksgiving they gave him a turkey carcass to chew on and he really took offense at me being there.  Guess what?  He had one tooth and it as a canine tooth and he fanged me on the leg.  Every year for about three years that wound would open up and drain for a week or so.  
8.  Nearing the end of this list was the female Black Labs I rescued from the pound. They were a companion dog for moose and  both dogs were not bright.  
9  The last dog on this list is - Wait For It!  A Cocker Spaniel that ran out in front of the neighbor's car as he drove into his driveway.  We had a saying that there were only smart old dogs in the neighborhood.  The dumb one's died young.

That's the list for today.  If you don't like my list, make your own.  


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