Wind Storm

Over the weekend there was a rain storm with enough wind that there are no Asian Pears, Apples or Pears still on the trees in the orchard.  The good news is that the deer have cleaned up the mess so I won't have a yard full of mushy fruit.  The bad news is they are, along with the turkeys keeping the grapes and blackberries picked clean of anything that looks like ripe fruit.  I have one fence planted with blackberries and there was only one berry and there are no, zero grapes.  I know they appreciate everything this time of year but this fall when they need some extra food they will be needing more corn.  The even better news is that between our feeding the deer and the neighbor's feed bunk they all are getting enough to eat.  

I went to Walmart yesterday and looked for one of those holders that are made for the beer can chicken idea.  They had them on sale and I tried one out.  I love the idea but still haven't worked it all out in my mind as to why you can buy a grilled rotisserie chicken at the store for 5.00 and the whole chickens are over 6 dollars.  Yes, I do like mine better.  For a quick meal the store's aren't bad but they don't have that smoky taste like mine.  I have to say that I picked up some rib eye stakes at Walmart that were just the ticket.  I haven't had a rib eye that was that tender in ages.  They smoked up well and tasted great. 
On Facebook there is a lot of talk about the Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green Kentucky this weekend.  I sure would love to grab my duffel bag and go out and stand by the interstate to go there.  Oh well, perhaps next year or 2017 when the 57 will be 60 years old.  Wait, I will be 70 so perhaps not.   You can take the Chevy out of the GARAGE BUT YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GET THE OLD MAN OUT OF THE NURSING HOME.  

I am reminded that the old retired people need to be planning their fall trip soon.   We love to travel right after the kids start back to school and the weather is still nice.  Heck, I know that this Thursday the school starts right up the road.   Barb won't be adverse to a good trip.  I know there is a new Grand Cousin in Denver that we could see along the way.  Now if I could just get his cousin June Bug to not live so far on the west coast.   Oh well.

You know you are bored with things the way they are when every morning after your cuppa coffee and the paper the conversation turn to ,"What's on your agenda today."  The normal answer is not much but there is always floors to clean and dished to wash.  Perhaps if you throw in a bike ride you might have a winner. 

The other day when were were all together the subject of little boys failure to aim in the bathroom came up.  I thin the good answer was to have the bed liner product sprayed on concrete.  If you slope the floor towards a center drain and install a fire hose it would be short work.    I know my father said in his perfect world, there would not be any flat surfaces to pile things on and every room would have a center floor drain and a fire hose.  I love the sign in the Bar that says, "We aim to Please, Please Aim."  Works for me.

Better run and see what the wife has on the agenda.  Might even get in a bike ride.


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