Rain, Again?

In the early morning hours of today, the thunder woke me up and as I went out to get the paper, I noticed a few new tree branches down. We have been getting about an inch a week (or more) most of the summer. Everything is still green when normally early August is the start of the browning down getting ready for fall. This really means that the leaves will be extra thick this fall for the cleanup.

I am using the new tablet to write this blog today and it is kinda different. It does have the qwerty key board and a mouse but it doesn't have the same old comfortable keys like the desktop. Every once in a while I need to turn the screen around and use it like a true tablet. The touch screen has finger prints all over it. Go figure. My next door neighbor was out fetching his paper when I went out to get mine. He had his son's new pup Sadie with him. At first she was afraid of me but very soon warmed u[p and I wish I had not made such close friends. She is a lab that is the color of a Weimaraner.   Looks the crossed a blond and black lab. The neighbor said his son paid well in excess of a grand for the pup and he hates that they have the job of raising the pup. I offered to go over and visit the pup now and then. He didn't say yes but he did tell me where the pen was. 

I am really looking forward to the lunch today.  We will go to KC and Dan will do his smoke thing.  Dan and Carrie are wonderful hosts and all will have fun.  We will do our best to celebrate all the August birthdays.  Good times will be had by all.

Better get this closed so we can get on the road. 


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