Words to Think About

Brad Thor wrote in his book, "Code of Conduct."  While Facts, rather than emotions bore out which political party ideas were healthiest for the country, he didn't begrudge anyone the right to vote for the candidate they believed was best for the office, his only desire was for the people to do their homework, develop an understanding of the issues, and marry that up to who they were voting for.  In his heart, he knew that every American was capable of leaping over that low bar.  The fact that so many were unwilling though troubled him. 

I found this diamond in the rough while reading Brad's book.  It is how I feel that really made this stand out to me.  How can people not vote in spite of the problems in our country.  How can we continue to support the spending of our future when we, today do not have the resources to support what we are doing.  When the Affordable Health Care Act was first discussed, I was not opposed to some of the things needed fixed, it was the enormous cost at a time when we were already exceeding the income, that troubled me.  

Clearly there are a lot of people that support both parties and don't see a clear cut difference.  Both parties have shown their propensity to spend what is needed to keep the economy afloat when here are just clear cut reasons not to.  Even a concrete boat can float if you make the water salty enough.  Heck, you can float a turd in a punch bowl but you can't make me drink the punch.  There seems to be a lot of people that don't feel the same way.

The other day, a group calling its self "Freedom from Religion" had a picture of Jesus taken off the wall in the middle school in Coffeyville.   First let me say that while there is a Freedom "of" Religion not "from," people just don't know what is important.   There is just no picture of Jesus that could change the way I feel.  If our National Motto is "In God We Trust."  How in god's green earth can a picture be that bad.  

I have said it before and I will say it again, no amount of Political Advertising or pictures of Jesus will change who I am.  I am a person with a free will and I feel sorry for people who feel so insecure that they can be swayed no matter how much money the Koch Brothers spend.  Oh no, one more sinner is saved because of a picture of Jesus.  I call BS on Political Correctness.

Speaking of PC, how can anyone think that Either Donald trump or Hillary Clinton can represent what is good for us and what we here in the middle class need to live?  How can people that are in the top 1% have a clue what you or I need to get on with our lives?  If you listen to the polls and vote on who you think is leading the pack, I feel sorry for you.  Obviously you didn't read the first paragraph of this blog or didn't understand what was said.


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