I have about 3 acres here at Rabbit Run and three at Dave's house that lately I have had to mow about once a week.  I have about 1 1/2 acres at the rentals that I mow so with the rain has come a weekly need to mow about 7 1/2 acres.   Without the Aleve, it has been somewhat a pain.  

One thing I have noticed is that the Xarelto commercial on TV had Arnold Palmer ordering his second Arnold Palmer.  One of the things on the bottle warnings is drinking.  I wonder if I am the only one that has noticed.  Xarelto has left my stomach slightly upset on a semi permanent basis and I am not giving it a chance to put me in the hospital.  When I need to eat, I do.

This morning on TV there was a short segment that talked about the different effects of cutting Carbs and Fat in the diet.  They said that people can lose more weight by skipping fat over carbs.  I told Barb that I know that's right.  There is just no way that a meatless spaghetti dinner could match the satisfaction or longer feeling of full than a hamburger and fries.  Every once in a while I slip off to Sonic for a Cheeseburger and it feels like I need it.  

I read Facebook each day and I still don't understand people that feel like they have nothing of their own to post and flood us with three or four things they copy and paste from somewhere else.   I can understand one or two but the urge is just too much for me to unfriend them if they continue.  The Tri-Five Chevy group is having their Nationals at Bowling Green and they have been posting lots of pictures.   I can't seem to get enough of them.   I have a desire to attend in 2017  when my 57 will be 60 years old.  For the record, I will be 70 that year.  Sheesh.

For some reason, my desire to work on my Barbershop Music has been on the wane.  I just don't seem to be into the Baritone part as much as I was when I was a Bass.  Might even consider non renewal of my membership if after Monday things don't feel better.

School has started here in the heart Land and it seems that there are two new Principals here in our District.  I welcome them with open arms and hope they and their schools do well.  I know that teaching is a tough job and with the support of a good administrator it can be a little easier.  With a bad one, it can be worse.

Better run, many miles to go and work to do.  


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