I guess that as I get older, I appreciate having my juices flow a lot less over the drama that injects life into others.  Each week I publish a chorus practice schedule for the Barbershop Chorus.  Seems like lately there have been a l;ot of guys that feel it is necessary to send me comments about things they feel important.  The sad part is that I don't know if they are more or less right than I am.  Everything gets filtered through my memory and I am not sure if my reality is more or less correct than theirs.
I do seem to remember that the very guy that started us singing "The Old Songs" is the very guy that was critical that we need stick with the songs on the CD we gave each person.  If it isn't on the CD just how the heck are those of us not schooled in the arts of music supposed to get it right.  That is doubled down by the fact that I didn't even have the music.  Oh well,  I'll get my chance to air our some of this at the next scheduled meeting.  

Being an old Military guy, I really feel it is important that I try to look good in the clothes the chorus issues when we sing.  I take them to the Cleaners and this week, a pair of pants and a shirt is not $10.24.    Sheesh, I guess I couldn't do it any better so I will just shut up and pay.  Just so you are interested, I once commented to Barbara that she could do a better job on one of my uniforms and she asked me if the laundry could do it to my standards.  To put it mildly, she gave up the title of laundry mistress for that part of the job.  
We can clean up nice

That reminds me of an old joke we tell.   There was three hunters in the woods of Canada and they agreed that if anyone complained, he would get the job to do the thing he complained about.  The poor guy who was the cook had been at it for a few days and he decided that he was tired of that job.  He collected some moose droppings and made a pie with them.  At the first bite, one of the other hunters shouted, "Jeeezus," then realizing his mistake said,  "This is the best Moose Manure Pie I have ever had."   So when the whine is served here, the following comment is "Do I hear Moose Manure Pie?"    It does seem to cut down on the complaints.

On a trip many years ago, it seems like we all got kind of in a sour mood.   Being a teacher, Barb found a way to see if we couldn't make it all better.  She found a nice smooth rock and made it the grouch rock.  The only time you were allowed to complain was when you had the rock in your hand.  It was kind of funny when you had to ask for the rock to pipe in with your two cents.  It was even more fun when someone would pass you the rock and ask if you were missing something?    Oh well, I'm sure that every family has a few things they laugh about.  Every once in a while, I will be searching through one of the cabinets upstairs and see that rock.  t has the letters GR on it.

As I might have mentioned, I switched from  the Bass part this year to the baritone part.  I realized that I not only have a new part to learn, I have an old part to forget,  I can't find my keys unless I put them in the same place but old song parts is hard for me to forget.  Oh well.

Have a great day out there, I will.


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