Politics, Again?

I will discuss some of the things that I feel will elect or non-elect the front runners in the Next year's Presidential race.

"The Donald" is outspoken and has a lot of support among the men I know but he has only a 15% approval rating among women of both parties.  This brash candidate cannot win unless he finds a way to draw both sexes into his camp.  His message needs to be tweaked into one that points out that unless we do something the young adults of today have no hope for us to be much more than another Greece.  Mothers will be tigers to defend their children.

There is a darn good chance that Hillary will be indicted for not securing Classified material on her personal server.  I know that a lot of people think this is no big deal, but to me it shows that she has no moral imperative to obey laws and I for one don't trust her.  

But Who Can We Trust

Here is a short list of things that a candidate for the Presidency needs to address:

National Defense -  We need a force big enough to defend us from an enemy outside of the US. The problem is we can't defend ourselves from the incursions on our southern border.  To me this is a laugh at those we have in charge.  We spend Billions to invade countries and can't stop those that invade us.

Budget - There are times that we need to spend more than we take in to stimulate the economy.  There comes a time we need to hold the line on new spending and say "That's too much."   We have been on a spending spree for years and the youth of today don't seem to be hearing the  future sneaking up on them.  Where is the cry that we need to do something from the media?

Entitlements - Boy is this a topic that will get me in trouble with the older adults.  When we paid into Social Security, there was a limit on how much we paid based on our income.  I contend that we will need to set limits on how much the Government pays back based on the retirees income. (Insert the words Needs Testing here) I for one have my Social Security limited because of my other retirement payments.  Instead of the at least $1,200 that most retirees get, my payment is about $400.  When I returned to work after my retirement from the Government, there was no limit on what I paid but there is a limit on what I get paid.  

Jobs  - I do not understand how the notion of sending our jobs overseas was or is to help us in the global economy.  What we have allowed is for our corporation to move a part of their business overseas to allow the to not pay taxes.  What this is doing is hollowing out the middle class and making it hard to be a success here at home.  

Rich vs.Poor -  I find it amusing that the two leading candidates are among the 1% of the richest people in America.   How in hell can they convince the poor that they even have a clue what is  wrong in our cities when they don't live there?  How can they convince they will take care of our countries if they don't live like the rest of us.  The President of the United States lives in a pampered house with guards all around.  Hillary and Donald won't have to change their lifestyles one bit if they are elected. The people live out here in the real world and are in many cases not safe.  Is there a man or woman out here that knows we need to have some real change in our Congress and our Executive branches?  I doubt it.

Health Care - There has to be an answer to the raising costs of our medicine/health care today.  I am blessed to have the best care money can buy at very little cost.  There has to be a way to get everyone into the fold and share it with all.

National ID Card -  Just how the hell can we control who is here and who does what if we have no national identity card.  I thought the Affordable Health Care law would take care of part of this but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.  In my perfect world, we need to control who is here and what they get.  I am not saying we don't need to have guest workers and temporary migrant workers.  I am saying that when they are done, they need to go home.   Student Visas are a good thing.  Our failure send the students home when they are done is not.  

TAXES - Again, in my perfect world, the IRS would be charged to ensure that the people that pay payrolls, interest income or Royalties withhold what it takes to run our country.  If that amount is 20%, take it our at the source.   I should get a report from the Government on the amount report as income from all sources in my name, not a report from me to the Government.  I know damn well they know what I make, why do I have to report to them?  This system is bass ackwards!  

Who Else is Watching?

OK enough for today,  I need to move on and quit watching CNN at 6 AM.


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