This I do, for Me

Every once in a while I get this thought that because my readership has flagged down, I should let this blog idea go.  Then I remember that it is a part of my mental health routine and not because there is a chance that someone else will read it.  It isn't like my head will explode, but it does help keep me sane.

Today on TV they talked about the polls for the election next year.  Yep, Bernie Sanders is beating the pants off Hillary. (pun intended) There is a significant part of the uneducated people out there that think Joe Biden is worthy.  The Donald is still leading the pack on the Republican side but his day has to be nearing a close.   Just remember, even a turd can float in a punch bowl. Speaking of Rosie, I saw her on TV over the weekend and she has lost at least 40 lbs and wasn't nearly as obnoxious as she was in the past.  Could Donald be wrong?   

Is there anyone out there that comes from a normal background and hasn't been showered with the perks of a position in politics that has an idea what the rest of us go through each day?   Even I have been isolated by the fact that I don't have money woes much anymore.  I don't have handlers, even if I do want one or two now and then.  Barb would probably say I need keepers more than handlers but what does she know?  This is my prefect world and I will stick to my free speech if I want to.  

This weekend the Barbershop Chorus sang at four Churches on Sunday.  I found that my Baritone had about reached its limit and I still don't have my voice all back to normal.  Perhaps by tonight I will have some of it back.    We'll see.

I thought I might have to force one of my renters to leave but they came across with the back and current rent.  I do need to go over and do some work on the rentals but I might not until it cools off a little.  They are talking about Wednesday having almost cool days.  In August cool days?   Where is that Global warming or do they perhaps it confused with just fluctuation in the weather.  I am only 68 years old and I can remember almost every kind of weather in any month over my years.  I can remember building a snowman over Labor Day weekend in Colorado and playing in short sleeve shirts the day before Christmas in Kansas.  

I sent my new tablet computer home with Dave last night so he could see what he thinks of the touch screen and Windows 10.  I am pretty sure he will keep me from doing some of the stupid tricks that are in Windows 10 and perhaps apply an anti-virus.  I feed him steak now and then and he keeps my computers working.

Barbara made that Chantilly cake over the weekend.  It is basically a regular cake with some fancy icing and fruit on it.  It almost wins me over from wanting pie over cake.  I do think a warm piece of apple pie al a mode is the best


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