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I might be one to post or write thought for your day if I had a clue how such diverse things could be on the mind of people that I barely understand.  started to watch some of the Sunday Morning news programs until Barb decided that they were just making up stuff to talk about and she didn't want to hear my solutions.  Chris Cristy wants to hire the Chairman of Fed-EX to figure out a way to keep track of the illegal immigrants.  The only problem I see with that is how do you get them to wear barcodes and walk past scanners all the time?   That's how Fed-Ex does it.  

When the news cast about the two reporters that were shot by a nut that had worked for the station turned into a discussion on how the Station was dealing with the tragedy,  it was time to change channels.  At least the other news channel was talking about the memorial services and not the TV station.

Barb got her notification from the Jury Pool Administrator that she was to report on Monday morning.  The only time I was ever in the pool, they didn't make me come in.  I think this will be Barb's second appearance and I think Dave has been three times.  I guess they don't want to have us old male white farts to appear.  I think I could do a good job but hey, who knows?

For some strange reason, I have again been selected to chair up the nominations committee for the Barbershop Chorus.  This time I have two other people on the committee so I won't fee nearly as bad when I announced the slate of officers last year.  So far only one person has asked me to not nominate him for the same position as last year.  I have some thoughts about how we can make the process work out for the good of the Chorus but I am not wanting to seem like the process Nazi and upset the apple cart for the good of the apples.  The President and I have discussed some of the needed changes but most of them will require the approval of the Chorus.  Resistance to change is always hard.

One of my Facebook Friends posted a think piece I thought was interesting.  We are warned to not judge all Muslims by the actions of a few radicals but all gun owners are condemned by the actions of a few radical gun owners.   The second half of that message was the are warned all the time about the time Social Security will run out of funds but no one is warning us when the Welfare funds will run out.   Didn't we pay into Social Security and the Welfare recipients didn't?  

Better run.


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