One of these days I will figure out a way to be more on track with what day it is.  On the way out to fetch the newspaper, I looked up at the court and saw the trash cans there.  I couldn't remember if I took them out yesterday or on Monday.  Either way, they should be picked up on Wednesday.   My pill case said it was Wednesday and so did the ads in the paper but sometimes my old mind doesn't get it right.

This last week, I got some fairly good news about the Baritone Section.  In addition to having our missing member back in September, there is a new guy that wants to sing with the chorus and he is a Baritone.  There is also a guy transferring to Topeka and as soon as he can stand with his new knee he will join The Chorus.   Five is too many Baritones and I may rejoin the bass section.  Hope, Hope.

It seems to have slowed down a little on the need for mowing.   The rental house yard was in pretty bad shape but  it was done in about 2 hours counting the drive over and back.  We did some work at Dave's house earlier in the week and by the weekend it probably will need some additional mowing.  The yard here looks like a park.

I sometimes wonder if my sense of humor is really bad or so elevated that people miss the point of the joke.  One of the guys said as we were stretching that he was looking directly at Harry's butt.  I told him that the new anti nudity law here in Topeka said there was to be no butt cracks.  Nothing.  I guess it was too lowbrow to be highbrow.  A nurse walks into a bank to deposit her pay check.  She takes out her pen and realized it is a thermometer.  She says, "Some asshole has my pen."  At least Roger laughed at that joke but he and I have both been seeing too many Doctors lately.

Speaking of being out of touch, on Jeopardy yesterday, in the category of Business, they showed a picture of two guys by a motorcycle.  Like the rest of them, I went somewhere else instead of Harley- Davison.  Duh Dennis.  

So far, there is no set agenda for today but it looks like anything I delay today will be on the list for tomorrow. 


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