When will This All End?

At what point will the Facebook and Blogging experiences stop being the all consuming thing that comes to an end?  Most of the people that encouraged me to start blogging have long since stopped and it is causing me to wonder if I have better things to do also?   I have asked questions on this blog before and I seldom get any reply so I real;ly don't expect anything better now.

I am going out to the local Museum coffee this morning to see what they group there knows about Space-A flights.  I have a hankering to launch us off into the dark unknown regions of Space-A travel.  Just get on a plane and go where it takes us.  At least out of Topeka for a week or so.  Stand By for news on that front.

I am really unhappy with the job my new zero turn Cub Cadette mower is doing.  It appears to be leaving a groove where the left edge of the mower deck is touching the ground.  It really makes the grass look stupid (or perhaps the person on the mower stupid.  After I take a trip[ this morning, I will see if the deck is again out of adjustment or a blade is bent.  Sheesh, almost $3,000 and  it looks really bad.  I cannot imagine what the average guy does if it takes me this much time to get it right.

Barb just kissed me goodbye as she has a dental appointment.  She has been really nice to the dentist that fixed a filling in her front tooth.  I had one fixed a couple of years ago and it is hard to tell where it was and it has been at least as permanent as the rest of the teeth.  This is the third time she has had trouble with this filling and the dentist charged her to re-fix it last time.  I would go in and shout my displeasure and make them fix it for nothing.  Oh well,  I guess Mean Uncle Denny is a good name after all.

Teeth with whiskers

Yesterday we got a check from USAA  because I cancelled my insurance with them.  After splitting the money with Barb, I took a part of my half and put it in my mad money repository.  I found that I had put $100 in there last time and had forgotten it.  Barb asked me to tell her where my secret place was in case I died.  I tole her and was reminded that a secret is not a secret it two people know about it.  I am not worried that she will take it, but she now knows where to look.  Takes the fun out of having some mad money.   Oh well, it is not like a big deal any way.


I had better get the show on the road and get moving.  Have a great day out there.


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