Military Service

I am very proud of my Military Service.  I am always thankful that I was drafted and came out the far end of the Service as a Colonel.  While going to Vietnam as a young officer was dangerous, I survived and yes, thrived with that experience.  It also gave me enough time in the GI Bill to complete my College Degree.  That and my experience served me well over the years.  There are a few things I might change but for the most part, I am a loyal Retiree that is proud of his service.
Pvt Petty 1966
CPT Petty  1973
Final Ribbon rack

Current Status

For the last 20+ years I served dual status.  I was Civil Service full time and a Guardsman on the weekends.  I had the pleasure of commanding many Battery and Battalion Sized units.  My pride and joy was the 1st Bn, 127th FA in Ottawa, KS I am sure that my success there was what got me promoted to COL 06.  

The most important thing abut my Military Service was the chance to meet and serve with so many fine people.  There is just no good way to say thank you to all of them so I will try to keep my nose clean and be a good retiree for their sake.  (The retirement money doesn't hurt)

Along with my lifelong love of music, I think I will always be thankful for the chance to serve my country.


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