Rainy Day in Kansas

It started out fairly dark this morning and it soon started raining.  I spent a lot of time on the computer and for some reason there was a lot of errors in my work.  I guess I need to work on my editing skills.
This was my Facebook Post:
Good - Woke up feeling fine
Bad - Barbershop Song Stuck in My mind
Good - Great pancakes for breakfast
Bad - Now I feel like I need a nap
Good - No Mowing needed today

Bad - It is raining anyway
Good - I can watch TV
Bad - Satellite is blanking out because of the cloud cover.
Good - Computer still works
Bad - Hard to nap when working at the computer desk.
Good - Great couch for napping.
Bad - now I won't sleep as well tonight.
Good - I will smile and make the world wonder what I am up to.

Just got a call from Dave and he is having trouble with his car.  Not sure what is the problem but he said a noise started and his AC went south.  Probably a compressor failure but I will know more when he gets here so I can see myself.  Probably will put him in the Ford for a couple of days and have his car fixed.  He is driving about 100 miles a day so he can't be without a car long.  I am hoping for a Alternator problem but that's because I can generally fix that problem with a short trip to the Parts store. 

Seems like the deer are visiting pretty hard right now and I can look out and see a fawn down by the feed bunker and see a fawn almost all the time.  I guess I need to get some more chopped corn.  Might get Dave a bag also and a small feed pan.  The deer have found his bird feeder and keep it licked clean.

Better get rolling.


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