Arnold's Greenhouse, Leroy, KS

On our way home from Tulsa, Barb asked me if I was just sold on driving all the way (2 more hours or so) home ofif we should spend the night in Independence. Sure, OK by me. I didn't even remember the sign that Arnold's greenhouse near Leroy KS was up the road. It was too late on Friday sna by the time we got there on Saturday the joint was jumping.

This is just one small bench of flowers and the green house rivaled the Superdome with at least 1/2 acre of trees outside.

Rows and rows of tables with flowers of all kinds. Don't ask me, I don't know an annual from a perennial.

For the guys, I threw in a picture of the roof system in the greenhouse. It appears to be some kind of fiberglass/plastic fabric with the ability to open for ventilation.

This picture is supposed to be a hanging basket but I did get another view of the roof.

Yep, them are flowers. Don't have a clue what they are but the master gardner I live with does.

This is an escargo plant that pinwheels off the main stem. Pretty cool Huh?

Same kind, different color.
OK Guys, they have this cool old 51 International Harvester/Studebaker truck in there just to keep the guys interested. Little rusty and in need of a lot of work.

This cute little girl stopped and stared at me after splashing in the water. When you look at a guy with a camera, you get your picture taken. That's all for this trip. Barb will have me out working on the flower beds soon. I won't tell you what a trunk load of flowers cost. She didn't complain when my steering part cost over $100.00 (with the shipping)

Have a great day out there.



  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Good job keeping this post manly by throwing the big ole red truck in there!

  2. Oddly enough I like that old pickup truck better than the flowers. If they were wildflowers or if they were outside in a more natural setting, there might be some competition. As it stands, the pickup wins.