How to Tell You are Getting Old

You are old when you jump down out of the back of the truck and strain or sprain you knee. It is especially bad if it is the good knee and the bad knee hurts almost as bad without injury. It hurts to use it much but it hurts worse if I just sit and let it stiffen up.

I replaced the power steering rack on the truck last week and it has been driving funny. Like herding cats, all over the place. I thought I checked it and had it pretty much on zero tow in or out. WRONG! It was towed in about an inch or two. With Barb's help holding the tape on one side it was pretty obvious. I about ruined one of them big old fancy Kelly tires, It was showing steel cords on the outside. Time to make a trip to the tire store.

Do you need to make a serious effort to find a place for all your stuff? I have stuff in three places and they are all full. I would build another garage but all that would do is let me get more stuff or centrally locate it all here where the wife could see it. I am not supposed to be a hoarder but I am an accumulator. Kind of like dust here in Kansas, it just shows up.

A few weeks back, Barb got some information about "Walk Across Kansas". She got six people to agree to keep track (OK, Make something up) and report it weekly. Somehow, this team has walked about 420 miles so far and there are a couple of weeks to go yet. Yep, that is about how far it is from east to west in Kansas. Kansas is pretty much a rectangle 400X200 with a dog ear out of the North East Corner where the Missouri river meanders.

Guess I had better get on getting on. Have a great day out there.



  1. I didn't know I was old. At least my knees think I am.

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    I'm not old but my body sure acts like it.

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    My body started to fail me the year I retired. That was at age 55, nine years ago . It got worse each year, until now I don't know what does NOT hurt. Makes me wish I had kept working. (Not really)