Snow on the 12th of April?

I will admit that it isn't heavy with big honking flakes like some of the March snowfalls but it is snowing this morning. This is either the 21st or 22nd snowfall of this season. There is a cold wet day out there that is just hanging around like it has nothing better to do than annoy the people in Kansas. The good news is that it brings the birds in like crazy.
About 25 feet from where I am sitting is a Barred Owl sitting in the tree and looking like he wants to blend in and not be any more wet and cold than he already is. The suet block feeder is continuously manned by one woodpecker or another. Until the flicker shows up the male downy woodpeckers seem to hog the position. The finch feeder has six stations and they are manned at almost capacity. The males are well into turning yellow and the females are remaining their nest sitting brown.
When I look at the ground below the finch feeder there is signs of obvious feeding by the possum. There must be just enough good left in the finch food (Niger Thistle) that he eats it after the finches squeeze out what they want. That stuff is pure roughage and goes right through him. He leaves scat that looks like Bag worms made out of seeds. For those of you that don't know as much as a fifth grader scat is a fancy word for crap or poop.
The furry tailed rats (squirrels to you) have started showing up to look for anything on the ground. The suet block always has a few scraps underneath as they peck the seeds out of the fat and a scattered sunflower seed or two is always near the other feeder. They are right in the middle of losing their winter coat and trying to gro a shorter coat for the summer. They look worse than normal.
As the weather turns for the better, Tiger often is gone for a day or two at a time. Just when I wonder if he has been swallowed up by the food chain he shows up and stays in the cat house for a day or two. This last time he was obviously chewed up by another tom cat in their pursuit of female cats. There are a couple of big old barns on farms close by and I think he goes there to enjoy the finer points of life. There was a pretty good patch of hair gone on his neck and two on his sides. He'll be OK.
We had a nice phone call from our son David last night. He has been working at Radio Shack in North Topeka and because he works the evenings his chance to make much money has been kind of low. He was offered a job by Best Buy at $10.00 an hour and will start there next week. It will about double his take home and I hope it opens him up to the fact he is one of the best customer service people I have ever met and a natural salesman. All he has to do is to decide on what he wants to do and he can be set for life. (That plus a couple of more years of college won't hurt.)
Da Barbs are going to go buy a bed for Barb Junior this weekend. Her old bed is a poor excuse for a place to sleep and her back has been nothing but trouble lately. Barb Sr. has been acting like a mother to her (Duh, she acts like a mother to a lot of people, me included) and I hope they can get her back on the mend. The handle Barb Sr came from the entry into the Walk Across Kansas team Barb is the captain of. She needed a way to differentiate between them and she just put Barb Sr by her name.
Oh well, another day, another smile.


  1. I just walked outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Super fail!

    It is fifty degrees in central Mississippi, today.

  2. Wait - It NEVER snows in Kansas in April, or so I was told...:~)