What the hey?

For several years barb and I have passed this sign on the road leading south out of Lyndon, KS. As we returned from Tulsa, we saw the sign on US 75 as we headed north just on the Kansas side of the State lines. I just had to take a picture and see if any of you historians have ever seen the sign.

It seems the Creek indians had a pretty rough time during the war of 1812 and after that war were forced to move to Oklahoma. (Read about the trail of tears and see how bad it was) As the Civil War broke out half of the Creeks asked President Lincoln for help and the Texas Forces did their best to keep them in Oklahoma or kill them. They managed to escape from Oklahoma but met with such tragedy in Kansas that they might as well as stayed in Oklahoma to die.

In 1995, the Governor of Kansas signed a proclimation and dedicated US 75 in Kansas a the Opthole Yahola Trail to honor these brave braves.

OK, That is more than I knew. If you look the name up on the WWW there are pictures of the current day survivors of this family.



  1. I'll have to read more about this. I spent a few minutes just trying to read the sign, but all I could see was "A holey pothole historic trail". (Okay, so I changed a letter and moved some others around. So what?);o)

  2. Hey, I had to stop and take a picture of the sign just to figure out what the heck it said. MUD