Yes, You can come out Now!

I'll bet the streets in Lawrence are devoid of people this morning after all the celebration until the wee hours this morning. The Hawks will arrive here in Topeka today about 2 PM and in Lawrence about three by bus. Then it will start all over again. No to say that the students and fans there are fickle but remember how easy it was to find a reason to have a party when you were in college?

Now for the naming of this event. In 1988 it was "Danny and the Miracles". Now we need a new thing to lean on for the next 20 years. Here are some of my feeble attempts"
  • Super Mario hawks Donkey Kong.
  • Mario's miracle.
  • All By my Self.
  • Ain't it great in 2008?
  • 37 and the three. (Three points hit in the closing minutes and the three losses.
  • Roy who?
  • Bill, OSU ain't got nothing for you. (Except a lot of Boone Picken's money)
I read a new title for the game today - Super Mario: The three and the overtime

Memphis should have had three technicals called on them and the referees ignored the rules. When the Memphis player took the basketball and held it and put up the number one finger and delayed our fast break it was Taunting and a technical. When the same player tried to knock down Cole Aldrich as he came back in bounds it should have been a technical. When Sherron Collins didn't have the ball and they knocked him down it should have been a flagrant technical and we shot free throws and got the ball back. There was one time late in the game when a Memphis player, on a time out, bounced the ball hard and it flew out of bounds that was so close that I would have given him one but in that case I'll accept that he was just mad at himself and make it a no call.

In the long run, those are Petty things and in the end we won. I'll just celebrate for a while and enjoy the warm feeling. Yes, it is kind of like my motto, "Like wetting your pants in a dark suit. It gives you a warm feeling and no one notices." Except, this time a lot of people noticed.


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