Today in the Heartland

Today started out with an overcast so it didn't cool off last night to the 30's. They are predicting a 30% chance of rain and that makes it hard to plan much outside work. I'm sure that after tilling up a couple of new flower beds, barb has some planting in mind. I just might go out and pick up sticks again today. Every time a wind blows up another storm, I'll have to repeat that process.

I did have a couple more pictures from Arnold's Greenhouse but my computer or the server didn't seem to want to take any more. They were just some more unknown flowers so I figured that it was no big deal.

For those of you that can read this blog fairly easily, I am using a slightly larger size font as a test. My niece had a blog with tiny green font on a black background and those of us with old eyes just couldn't read it. Kind of like double spacing your papers in school to get credit for more pages. More space instead of more content!

Oh well, better wrap this up and move on smartly!



  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Picking up sticks huh? That sounds like a rockin good time! Better than doing laundry at any rate.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Where are ya today MUD? You didn't hurt yourself picking up sticks did ya?