Just Waiting for the Game to Begin

In about an hour, the game for the National Championship will begin. I read that out friend Gerald is watching the game on his computer in Morocco and it is closer to 2 AM there. His wife says that the game is pretty jerky and the radio feed doesn't quite match the picture.
I complained about the network in earlier games cutting to watch portions of other games. My brother told me about watching the game on my computer at NCAA.com and I tried it a couple of times. In most cases the NCAA delay was as much as two minutes. In a lot of cases I would have to rewatch a lot of the game on delay and when the network would cut back the game would be two or so minutes ahead of where the game was. It was frustrating to be watching the current game and the missed minutes at the same time.
Oh well, I am excited to see the Hawks and the Tigers as they meet in San Antonio. Rock Chalk.

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