Champions Again!

Unless you were totally not a Basketball fan, you well know that KU beat a great Memphis team for the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship. A wonderful team won and now we move on.

A very small item in this weeks paper mentioned that the KU debate team won the NCAA 2008 championship for debaters. I think that this should be a widely a celebrated victory as the basketball championship. After all, we can all debate with others and we are not all great round ball players. The debate team represents what students should be in school for. I hope that every student asks why and has an answer when they complete their formal schooling.

God Bless the debate team! God Bless America.


  1. Sports are played outdoors with a ball, basketball gets a pass because it started outside. Debate can never be a sport. But, good show, 'Hawks.

  2. Wait, does that make them Master Debaters?