Monday, Monday!

Seems like almost every Monday that song by the Mommas and the Pappas just pops out in my inner voice. I would love to get involved with a group that can make a joyous noise. I went to a Barbershop Chorus production this weekend and again found myself humming out loud. Thankfully no one sat near where I was in the first part of the program. You can take the old man out of the music but you can't take the music out of the old man.

Barb is always interested in the Monarch butterfly migration. It seems they are stopped about the Oklahoma border because there just isn't much to eat up here. We are two weeks behind and those butterflies need nectar to eat and milk week plants to deposit their eggs on. Last night it got down into the mid 20's and if there were any trees starting to bloom they got their little buds nipped.

I got a note from my niece, Becky, and she told me that Mom's friend Charles dies last Thursday. He was one of those childhood friends she had from El Dorado, class of 1940. Charles was in the War and made it back. He was a lifelong bachelor because no woman could stand the scrutiny of his momma. By the time she died he was too old to be a ripple in the gene pool of life.
When we first moved my momma to Topeka, once a month we would drive down to El Dorado and meet with her old friends. That group just kept getting smaller and smaller until it will soon be a passing memory.

I have it marked on my calendar that by Wednesday it will be in the 70's. One of those professional liars said it might even make 80 one day. I will air up the tires and lube the chain and get out there on the trail and ride. Hope you can get out and enjoy some nice weather this week.


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  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    You are a blogative dude (as in talkative). It's nice.

    Loved the professional liar comment. My husband makes terrible fun of me because I'm kind of a weather news junkie. He doesn't waste his time that way (uh, but he will watch Nascar... go figure). One time I was at the computer and he told me it was raining. I told him it wasn't because I had a weather page up and was looking at the doppler and nothing was showing. He's never going to let me forget it.