Spring Thoughts!

Now that the Basketball season has closed it is time for my thoughts to turn to cars, trucks and things of my past. This slick 54 chevy was on Freemont Street in las Vegas last year. Makes me want to get the truck back on the road and runin'. She is up on blocks in the drive right now with a steering problem awaiting parts.
Get out there and cruise.

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  1. I like trucks much better than basketball. I don't care anything about the insides, just what looks nice. That's okay to say about trucks, but not people. What is it about these old trucks that makes them look nice whether they are painted nicely or rusting in a field? Most of today's cars don't look so nice after a few years and fender benders. Sitting out in someone's driveway they just look like trash that needs to be hauled away, but a rusty antique pickup is art.