Fajitas Day

Barb Sr., Captain of the Tecumseh Jay Walkers, has organized a Fajitas party for her team. As the chief cook and hear laborer here at Rabbit Run, I get to handle the food. We all participated in a project called "Walk Across America" and reported our mileage. We made it the requires 420 miles. I think it is just a reason to do some serious spring cleaning but hey, back to the food.

Most of my meals start with serious grilling of copious portions of meat. I prefer to do steak but it seems like the chicken is the healthy choice, the popular choice of the ladies and it turns out very tasty. I marinate the meat in plastic gallon sized zip lock bags with different flavors. The steak generally gets some combination of soy sauce, garlic and Worcestershire . One bag of chicken got some soy sauce and Italian dressing. The other bag got some garlic hot sauce and soy sauce. All the meat got the smoky grill trick with plenty of hickory smoke. I hardly ever expose the meat to direct heat but hold all the coals on one side of the Webber with a log of hickory. That allows the log to burn and smoke. Something about the design of the Webber grill causes the logs to burn brightly when the lid is off but then just make smoke when the lid is on. I always come in from the patio smelling like a hickory fire.

I will serve the meat with a copious quantity of tortillas, Spanish rice, chips and lots of toppings/fixings like guacamole & con queso. If you go home hungry from a dinner at Rabbit Run it is your own damn fault. I think Barb has also made a fruit salad using strawberries and pineapple. I will also have Ice tea and water. I know a good cerveza (beer) would be great but I had to give that up and save my liver.

Yesterday must have been wildlife day here at Rabbit Run. Barb saw three deer, a Baltimore Oriole, some kind of Taninger and a purple bird that I thought was a bluebird until I saw it in the sun. It was kind of cloudy most of the day so I didn't get really good photographs. Should be a better day today but I'll be kind of busy and Barb Sr. has a cake decorating demonstration at Michael's. She teaches the Wilton cake decorating class and once a month she has a demonstration at the store. I have high hopes that she will continue to teach classes and do less work as a cashier. I think from the questions she relates to me that she mostly is their "go to guy" for questions none of the kids can answer.

Having been involved in the store set up and having a wide range of practical knowledge she can either help them or tell them where to go. I mean that in the nice sense, as Barb Sr. generally can get all the mean out of her system by focusing it on me. Not totally undeserved I might add.

Oh well, I can smell the coffee and my cup is empty. Have a great day out there.

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  1. Photos, there MUD. We would really like to see photos of the fajitas and the Weber. Oh, and the decorated cakes, too.

    And happy day for your liver.