Spring Things

Yesterday I found out that the speedometer on the bent quit over the winter and I needed to update my riding shoes (actually sandals) A quick trip to WalMart and al of $26 later I am now set. What happened to the cost of sandals? Last year I got a pair for about $38. This year they were $12. Yes, I think they are fake leather this year but surely it costs more than $12 just to ship them from China. Hell, I airfreighted a steering part to Kansas from Ohio and paid almost $60. Crap, I have a degree in Business and don't have a clue how things are getting so damn cheap. er, inexpensive. I'll tell you if they were cheap if they don't last the season.

Our friend Mel is living in the Valley Brook house and I did some tile for the new breakfast bar I finally installed. Someone had cut a hole in the wall and started to make a shelf and I finished it. Mel picked out some pretty tile and I had it all stuck in place but needed to grout it today. I'll go over tomorrow and seal it and finish the ceiling tile on the back porch. One of these days I'll also bring a bunch of my tools home. Crap, more stuff for an over "stuffed" garage.

It is warmer right now than it was yesterday but the wind is blowing and it doesn't seem as nice. I will try to get out sometime after lunch and get in a few more miles. It would be nice if I could ride from here but I need a couple more weeks of regular riding to be able to ride as far as the place I normally ride. It is also a heck of a lot safer to ride at the lake until all the dog walkers get there. I do have to be careful, we did have a bike fatality last year when a 250lb man on a bike hit a woman on hers. They both had the normal head down posture of the upwrong bikes and the collision killed her and put him in the hospital. The paper never did say exactly what happened but from the scene I would say he was doing at least 25 and came around a corner and they met head down. Sad. I try to not ride that fast even on the downhills. There is one road that I have hit 35 on a couple of times but it is in a wide open area and I wear one of those green shirts that the highway workers wear. I have to wear my sunglasses when I wear it outside.

Have a great week out there Sports fans.

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  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I think we all need to see a picture of you in your snazzy green shirt and $12 Wal-Mart sandles!