When It Rains, it rains!

Well Sports Fans, that damn truck will be the death of me yet. Today as I was leaving the drive at a local shopping center one of the front wheel attachments on the rack came unscrewed again and I was left, well high and wet. I will go back over when it stops raining and screw it back together and get it home. Once here, I will replace the rack and move on smartly. Doing a quick fix just isn't good enough this time.
I was going over to the Valley Brook house and put down some great looking new tile that our new Daughter-in-friend, daughter and friend, Mel picked out. She has good taste and I can make it work with a tile saw. Should be a fun job and I'll be glad to have it done. I did make the mistake of leaving my level on the rough out shelf. I hadn't made it level yet and Mel noticed.
I have managed to get the big snow blade on the trator reinstalled and working. It isn't perfect but if will push gravel around.
We had a great day here yesterday and by the afternoon I was in shirtsleeves out walking from where I ran out of gas. Yes, my attention to detail isn't always perfect.
Oh Well,


  1. Sounds like bicycle weather is just around the corner.

    Snow blade. Ha. You live in the Great White North.

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