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First let me remind some of the new readers where the appellation MUD came from. One of my dearest nieces, our architect, and soon to be the mother of a High School graduate, was injured in one of my games. She fell and broke some of her baby teeth out and I felt bad. As she ate ice cream to sooth the hurt, she sobbed, "Mean Uncle Denny". Being the acronym junkie that I am I shortened it to a meaningful term MUD. Yes, Carrie named me MUD. (You can hear the chanting party! party!party as we get to go over and eat BBQ to celebrate with them in May)

Once upon a time Barb took a class at Wichita State and the instructor told them that students need to have a built in "Crap Detector". That was to ensure that they are not unduly influenced by any one source (especially us conservatives). For a while Barb would use the term crap as it had been legitimized. She hasn't used that term in a long while so I wonder if she has grown immune to my crap or just cleaned up her act a little. Compared to mine, her's is a s slick as a whistle.

The term Rabbit Run came from the year we were overrun with bunnies. The coyote population wasn't as big then and we didn't have our little short legged long wheel based friend Grissy to chase them. waskly wabbits. As we would drive in the drive you could see rabbits running everywhere. Our 18 acres AKA Rabbit Run.

I am a conservative but not in the sense that I hate change. I think that all things must change some and when things change the technology should improve the performance or lower the cost. Where I am the most conservative is on the subject of Government Spending. Yes, the Republican party has driven me nuts but cutting taxes to increase revenues and then spending more than they take in. Simple rule if everything "Income must be greater or at least equal to outgo." Now it is the Democrats that are helping set new levels. We can only pray that they won't increase taxes to lower revenues and continue to outspend the income.

I do not ride a bicycle. I ride a recumbent or "bent" for short. Way back in elementary school a good friend and classmate, Leon Riga, was a bike maker and he would take pieces of bikes he had and make weird bikes out of them. His dad had a trash route so there was no shortage of bikes in his yard to rebuild. I guess tinkering and building something new out of something else has always appealed to me. When my brother (OK, in-law if you insist) started making recumbents I just couldn't help but want one. I got to see him at work and his ability, artistic touches and great personality made the experience one to treasure. If I could bottle anything to sell it would be his ability to teach, practical hands on, work with a torch. When I win the lottery I am going to build a great big shop with all the toys in hopes that I can entice him to teach me how to use everything. He is also tolerant of my forgetting as much as I learn. His having a great little weenie dog doesn't hurt his stock.
Some of the long list of things I am or do; I sing, I am a retired 60 year old. I served 40 years in the Army, (Active, National Guard & Reserves) I served in the Civil Service system for 25 years. I am married (1968 to Barb, really, 40 years?) and have one son, Dave. I have two sisters, Myrna and Carol and a brother Rick. I do not have any grandchildren YET ( Hint, hint) I have a 57 Chevy and a 53, 5-window Chevy Pick-up.
Oh yes, one or two more things. I cook. I love to cook and I love to eat. I have a great camera and often forget to take pictures when I should. Take me some place new and I'll burn up the memory cards.
I am pretty set in my ways by now and if you want to change me, sorry, that ship has sailed. Read my crap or not. If you like what I say, laugh or at least smile. If you don't, I will remind you of the family motto, "Arguing with a Petty is like wrestling with a pig. Everyone gets dirty and the pig loves it." And I am the muddiest pig wrestler in the bunch.

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    Great, informative post! You've got yourself a new, regular reader!
    Crap and all.