Will this be the Day?

The professional Liars, aka the local weathermen, have promised us 70 degrees today. It seems like forever since we have had a great day out there. By the time it starts to get warm enough to get out and work or play it is almost dark. Will this be the day that the gentle southern breezes bring a nice day? We'll see.

I am thinking that I need to start putting my recumbent in the bed of the truck with a sign, "What'll you do when you run out of gas? Get Bent! (Recumbent Bikes that is.) It is clear that we have way too many narrow roads to really get out there and ride in traffic. The good news is there is a lake with some great paths not too far from here. Do you see a theme developing here?

Yes, I do have some work to do but I think I need some "Play" today also. The Valley Brook house needs to be scraped, primered and painted. I also need an outside faucet to help clean up the painting mess.

OH well, whatever happend to day, it won't start here on this machine. Gotta run, er ride!

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