System Problems

I know there is a loose nut behind the keyboard on this machine. In addition to this, our E-mail programs are both playing stupid. My HP will work for a little while and then the Mac will not. The Mac works and then mine craps out. Then to add insult to injury, AT&T/Yahoo will send me this little note that I am sending unencrypted mail to their server and it pisses them off. They send me to a link that goes off merrily to a page that won't load because of my unencrypted attempt to read it. Another link tells me to locate the account settings for your particular client. Hell, it is their program I am using, they should know how to do that, I sure as hell don't.

Oh well, it is a beautiful and cool day here in the heartland. At least there is some sunshine so there is hope that the temperature will get above 50 (do I hear 60, boys and girls?)

Two Dogs, I was all set up to take pictures of the food yesterday and right in the middle of all that I just plum forgot to get the camera. It was all good and everyone had a good time. There was the usual take home bags of food for the attendees. The wife said I can't cook a new item until we eat our way through the leftovers.

OH well, what the hll, what the heck do I care. MUD


  1. The fajitas sound great, but due to your pics of the bierocks we had to make them last night. I showed Austin how to do it and he made two wonderful pans of them! Yummy! I told him it is a family tradition he must pass on.

  2. See comment above? Told ya'. You could have millions of folks coming to your blog every day just to LOOK at food. Not to eat it mind you, just to gaze lustily at the photos.

    But, I know what you mean about forgetting. Two weeks ago I went to an annual crawfish boil at a friend's house and damn near forgot to take any photos. I think that I took ten. For some reason, I just thought since the camera was in my pocket, it would take the photos all by itself. That's cause I am a moron.