Got the Taxes Done!

Somewhere in the middle of February I put up a card table in the TV room and spread the Tax stuff out. I generally buy a copy of Turbo Tax and start loading the crappy information in the system and work on it in sporadic segments between Games on TV and all the interesting things I have going on in my life at the time. If it seems like there is a refund in my life I will file early and if I owe, I generally put off filing until near the end. I finished yesterday and as usual I owe the Feds and will get back a little from State. I will leave out the totals because they scare even me and I've seen them.
Barb and I were going to make a dash to Tulsa today but were warned that unless I bring a boat I cannot get to Skiatook. There is some little river on the east side of town that had cut off all but one road and after it crested last night about 10 PM that was in doubt. My brother will just have to wait for his KU Championship shirt for later. My brother and my mother have a birthday a day apart later on in April. I would love to get down there and get a chance to visit. Mom likes a birthday pie and guess what? I love pie and don't even need an occasion to eat some. I have a niece Mandy that will eat a whole pumpkin pie by herself. She is barely 100 pounds dripping wet and can eat pie like she was a 13 year old boy. I don't know how my parents ever kept groceries on the table when I was a teenager. Thank god hamburgers were less than 15 cents apiece and there was a Hardy's on the way to work. I would get a bag of burgers, one order of fries and a coke and go work at the gas station four nights a week.
This year was basketball heaven for the Petty's. My brother has started going to Tulsa Hurricane basketball games and they played in and won a post season tournament. He and his daughter Becky are just great fans and they have a good time watching those young men play. Then KU played Memphis and whipped them for the National Championship. Memphis had played rough and the Tulsa team almost played scared against Memphis. Revenge on both counts. On the good side of the ledger, it looks like Bill Self, the KU Coach is going to make a raid on the treasury here in Kansas and not run home to the T. Boone Picken's dollars at OSU. I can hardly wait to see what the KU team will look like after the NBA draft. There are five seniors leaving and a couple of underclassmen that could declare. The good news is that the KU bench is filled with McDonald's All Americans and a pretty good looking roster coming for next year. There are even a couple of Junior College transfers that will arrive ready to play. I hear there is a couple of 6-10 forwards (Brothers) that are also declared to come to KU. I can hardly wait to see just how much fun they can be.
I can't figure out the weather lately. It has been cold, rainy and yesterday windy. I had most of the tree branches picked up out of the yard when it was nice earlier this week, I'll bet there are enough branches to roast hot dogs for a month out there. We had a 45 to 60 MPH storm come through last evening and shook the hell out of the trees. No dead branches up there any more.
Our finches are right on the verge of being so yellow that it hurts to look at them when it is sunny. It isn't sunny right now and they are ganged up on the feeder eating like the teenagers mentioned above. There are even two waiting on the other feeder and on the hanging wire waiting for a hole with seed showing. There are 6 places to eat but the seed level has fallen below two of them. I just filled that feeder yesterday.
Oh well, what the hell, what the heck do I care? OK, I care a lot about the birds here at Rabbit Run.



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    The comment you left on The Country Doctor's wife cracked me up!

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  3. Just finished my darn taxes too, and I will have to add paying money to the Feds and State to the budget this month. Oh well I won't complain (too much) I have a great job that pays well and a happy healthy family what more could a gal ask for!