For some of you out there, this is a strange word that clearly meets the intent of the meaning. To 'Obfuscate" is to hide the true meaning of what you are saying by using jargon, verbosity or code. I read the sports page this week and most writers are writing about opening day of Baseball or the NCAA playoffs that will end this weekend. Few if any writers will say that the Kansas fans want North Carolina to crash and burn to get even with Roy Williams and his actions five years ago. NC asked him to come there and he swore up and down that he was a Jay Hawker for life and would never leave Lawrence. Those words came back to haunt him when his good friend (and a good friend to Kansas Fans) Matt Daugherty got fired in his second year and they again asked Roy to come back home. All of us understand doing what you love should be a life goal but we thought Roy was home and here he should stay. Dadgum it, he left and now we want plain old simple revenge. No special terms, no prisoners, we want to wipe up the floor with them, kick their butts, mangle their angle, make Tyler Hansbro cry and send them home in a blue funk not a blue uniform.

Was that clear enough? No hidden words, no code. Just straight open facts clearly stated.

Looks like Kansas escaped the bad weather and it all went south of here down around Tulsa. We didn't even get a real hard rain and we really didn't need it. The day started warm and by about 4 PM we had Idaho weather. I started in the drive about 10 AM in shirtsleeves and finished in a jacket about 4. You could see your breath there at the end.

As some of you know, I am a fan of old cars and trucks. I have a classic 57 Chevy 2 door that I don't drive much and a 53 five-window Pickup that is my daily driver. This past winter an old guy (started to say old fart but he wasn't as old as I am) ran a stop sign during a snow storm and hit my truck in the side. Took out the front fender and the passenger side door. I put on a new door but couldn't get the cab adjusted so it would latch. Yes, I used bungee cords to hold it shut until I could really figure out how to move the latch back over and adjust the door so everything would shut and stay closed. A stout tree and a "come-along" allowed me to move the door post back over the two inches I needed to have the striker plate match the door. I also was able to move the door a quarter inch towards the post with an adjustment. Now it works and I have the mirror re-installed. That new fender and door sure make it look good. Now I wonder I I should fix all the fenders and give her a paint job. It now has a red-neck paint job. You know the kind that comes out of one of those shake and rattle paint bottles that just make everything the same color and work if you don't care about runs and orange peel.
I also have in the back of my mind to make a trailer that matches the truck style. I have an extra bed and a frame, just need to have the whole thing welded together. At least I found my angle grinder in a pile of stuff in the garage yesterday so now I can start making the pieces. Perhaps I can get Grissy to bring her owner back here sometime in the next year or two.
Oh well, enough talk, keep it simple and say what you mean!

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  1. I like your site. Young sr. cit. of a retired Col. myself. Like your pen drawing. And the exercise bike. God bless....