Barb's Family Art

One of the first pieces of stained glass was the window shown above. It has been in three houses now and It always catches the eye of people that come to our house. It is in a west window and just glows in the afternoon.

Barb and her sister love wisteria and this is a window in the air lock justinside the front door. It is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the first things people see when they arrive here at rabbit run.

What house would be complete without a handmade Jay Hawk on the wall. There is just no way to do this justice in a photograph. It glows with the love the maker had in his hands and heart.

This is another metal art piece of my bent with a hand blown replica of a long wheel based dog on a long wheel based recumbent.

Years ago one of Barb's sisters turned pen and ink drawings out of photographs. This is one of three. As an Artilleryman, the section firing their cannon at Old Fort Scott just makes my day.

One day I was in the yard of my in-laws and found a number of faucet knobs. I collected a bunch and asked to have them made into a piece of art work. Never has a better bunch of flowers ever graced a shelf. The spider is another hand made piece of glass that is another gift.

Barb's kitchen is graced with a hand made shelf that had hand applied items applied to a wooden shelf. On the shelf is many of the hand made items from Barb's family. The watercolor picture is not from her family but from a loving friend. There is also a hand made cup made out of titanium on the shelf that is one of the most unique and beautiful pieces I have ever been given.

Now, why put these up on my blog? They are all a part of my life and made by people we love. With the large number of things in our house how can we not tell everyone who made them? OK, I will protect their information at their request but it is tough. Every once in a while I will slip and use a name but at 60 who remembers to do something every time.


  1. Beautiful artwork. You have some very talented people in your family! I think I like the ink drawing and the faucet knob flowers best.

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Wow! I love the stained glass! Just beautiful. I bet it is something else to see the light come through. That shelf is super fun. I really like the flower/faucet arrangement. Very clever.

  3. I can only imagine exactly what the emotion is behind every glance that you take of these things. No one in family can even dig a pretty hole.

  4. Those faucet flowers are about the coolest things I have ever seen. and I LOVE THAT SHELF!!!

  5. I just realized that the last sentence of my above comment makes no sense. Let's try again.

    "No one in MY family can even dig a pretty hole."

    There. I feel better.