Cold or Warm?

Many times I have studied papers written during the Korean and Vietnam War.  If you have to ask if it was a war or not, you weren't there.  It does beg the question about the temperature differences and which one I would choose if I had to do it over again.  

MUD ready to go back out to the field

I think the one quote I read about sums it up.  A Female reporter asked one of the GI's what was the most difficult part of the cold weather.  He said, "I Recon that trying to pee through 4 inched of clothing with a 2 inch dick is about the worse."  That about sums it up for me.

I got used to the heat in short order and most of my time in Vietnam I got along fine.  The difficult part for me was coming home in February to Fort Carson, CO.   I was loaned to the Division Artillery as the Observation Post Umpire.  I spent most of the last three months down range at Fort Carson freezing my butt off.   I felt sick the entire time and little did I know that I had Malaria and the drugs the Military gave me were suppressing the symptoms.  About three weeks after I got home from the service it kicked in and I spent most of the next month in the VA Hospital in Wichita. 

So, do I like hot or cold best?  I would say hot, but I would want a fan.



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