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Midnight Coyote
Real Coyote
Yesterday Barb and I discussed the coyote and her opinion was I could not hunt him unless he attacked me. Then we both agreed that he probably could not eat me in one sitting and we laughed.  This morning I woke up at O Dark 30 and went out to get the paper.  I was thinking about the coyote and when I walked from the light of the porch light into the darkness, my night vision faded away.  I got out by the gate where the paper normally is and from about 5 feet, a big animal woofed at me.  It was the neighbor's dog but for a minute my over active imagination almost caused a leak in my renal plumbing.  I woofed back at him and he grabbed my paper and ran for his house.  The good news was that Ronda Stadler, my neighbor was out to get her paper and could catch the dog to return my paper.  We had a nice chat  and it was kind of nice to catch up on her family. 

At the basketball game on Sunday, there was a father and son sitting next to us in the stands.  He made a video of the opening of the game and as soon as it got a little quieter, I asked him where he was from.  he was from Omaha and his father had managed to buy tickets to the game.  We had a nice chat and I pointed out that when we went to a Basketball game in Lincoln, Doc Stadler was their coach.  He is now the replacement for Danny Manning who went to Tulsa.  He looked me in the eye and said, "Who?"  I forget that Danny and Doc are both yesterday's news.

My brother called last night and said he would work on getting us tickets to the Tulsa and SMU game in March.   It will be a treat to see Coach Larry Brown and Danny Manning coach opposing teams.  Their first game went to Tulsa and it should be a great game.  Coach Larry Brown was the Coach at KU when Danny and the miracles won the National Title.  Rick, my brother sure knows how to please a couple of rabid basketball fans.

You might think that a couple of retired people would have to look for things to do.  Barb kind of complained that the calendar is getting full for February and March.   Barb likes to work the Garden Show at the Expocentre  in February and there is more and more things on the February Calendar.  Somewhere in there we are going to try to fit in a trip to celebrate our 45th anniversary.  Where ever we go, it will be to a warmer place.  Florida and California are both on the list for now. 

Oh well better get running.


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