New Era

This was written in 2010 about New years Eve.  I think it is appropriate today...

The challenge going forward from 2010 is for the young men and women of our family to go forward and be leaders. I think it would be a tribute to Virginia for them all to get and education, work hard, sing, love, laugh and hug their children close and often.

Life is like a series of doors that open and close. They don't truly end a period of our lives because of the memories and expectations. I am reminded that weeks after my Dad died, I found myself with the phone in my hand ready to call him and tell him about the WWII Aircraft on the program Wings. Duh Dennis he probably would have been watching it or bowling, or tennis or NASCAR. As recent as last night I had a vivid view of Mom riding a bike away from me as I shouted her name. That was inspite of the fact that I have never seen Mom on a bike.  

I don't know what the future will hold for us but, I think that we have been blessed to have a role model in our Grand Parents and Parents. What you do with your life is always influenced by them, but the routes and choices and consequences you choose are yours.

As a Veteran of Vietnam, I choose to remember the good things about the people and places there. I can remember the bad things but choose to remember the laughter and good times not the bad. This will be the way I remember Mom and Dad. The good times we all sang together, visited and laughed. Swimming in the Buffalo river, eating watermelon so cold and sweet it made your teeth hurt are just a few of the things.

With that all said, cry it out of your system and get out there and live life like you mean it.

Uncle MUD

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