Say What?

The other day, a PhD from Baker University wrote an article for the local paper called "No Guns in Classrooms."   I just had to write her and remind her of the rule I learned years ago.  It more often than not better to not use the terms Always or Never.  She said that teachers don't have the training to use guns so there should not be guns in our schools.   I reminded her that many teachers, custodians, cooks and bus drivers have had Military Training and are very capable of using a hand gun if they choose to do so.  I sure as hell would, and did when I thought it was appropriate.  You didn't see the inside of my locked briefcase many days.  I know that we had a General that was armed every day he served.

The liberal (Yes, I know that Barb hates that term) solution is that we spend 5.4 Billion dollars a year to put an armed guard in every school.  They had that at Columbine but then made him sit and watch TV monitors.  Another solution is to put Military Members between deployment in the schools.  For those of you that haven't been paying attention, the suicide rate of our Military members is at an all time high.  Many soldiers have been deployed three or four time in the last 10 years and are not stable right now.  Give them a few years and things will settle down.

The trail cam has been very active the last couple of days.  I have had almost 200 hits a day after going a couple of days with nothing.  A lot of the hits have been the four raccoons who just love to come to my little feast and eat what I leave.  

Coyote headed home
two Coons in the feed pan
That's all folks.


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