What Can We Do?

After Sandy Hook, there are all kind of cries about the needed Gun Control.  Here is one way to look at the problem.

I am pretty sure that speeding cars kill a lot of people in accidents every year.  In spite of the fact that we require licenses to drive and in most cases Driver's Education classes, people die from speeding.  We need to have a law against people that want cars that go really fast.  If you own a Ferrari or a Corvette that will do over 100 MPH, you need to be separately regulated.  Even if you don't drive faster than the speed limit.  

No, this doesn't make sense to me but neither does the discussion about AR-15 rifles.  The cry is, "Why wound anyone possible want a rifle like that?"  Well, the lawful possession of any type weapon for whatever reason should be allowed.  It is the unlawful actions that we want stopped not the possession because we feel safer or proud of our collection.  In an earlier blog, I mentioned my AK-47.  Well boys and girls, that was a lie.  I have no such weapon for many reasons.  First of all, I am proud of living with the love of my life for almost 45 years and I am pretty sure that she would object to spending ridiculous amounts of money on such a weapon.  

Quad .50 emplacement in Vietnam, Man did I  feel safer

Right now, if you go purchase a weapon from a Dealer, you must submit to a background check.  If you want to have an automatic weapon in your possession, you must have a specialty license for it.  Last time I looked, I could not go out an purchase a Barret .50 Cal Sniper rifle.  If you doubt that, see the above paragraph about serious amounts of money spent on weapons.

So what is the problem and what is the solution.  If you can figure out the solution, can we afford the cost of the manpower it takes to put armed guards everywhere and are we willing to give up the freedom of search and seizure without darned good reason?    I contend we have problems paying for all the laws we have and all the people we have incarcerated for breaking those laws.

If you think guns are the problem, get out there and force a vote on a change to the Constitution.  It might just surprise you that most of us feel that just as the constitution says, anything not regulated by the Constitution is left to the States to control.  

I know you are getting tired of reading my analogy about the Route 44 soft drinks not allowed in New York.  That is what they have to live with.  If they are happy, so am I.  But don't mess with my Happy Hour trip to Sonic where I get a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade for a buck twenty five here in Kansas.


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