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In case you haven't figured it out yet, my mind is pretty much what you see is what you get.  I don't tend to make long term plans anymore and have always loved the challenge of doing the best I can one day at a time.  Kind of like the stuff I have here at Rabbit Run.  I am not a collector, I am an accumulator.  I do try to buy buckets to help organize my tools but sometimes I forget to put everything back in its place.  

Today I am going to see the movie "Jack Reacher"  and will report on it tomorrow.  I love the novels by Lee Child's but am having a little trouble seeing Tom Cruise as that character.  We'll see.  On the book, Reacher is six foot and 250 and Tom Cruise has to wear lifts to make 6 foot.  Jack Reacher is a guy that makes women stop and look and Tom Cruise's nose is just off putting.  

In February, 1968, I finally convinced Barbara to marry me.  We were on the return trip to California and planned a Stop in Las Vegas and the little Chapel of the Bells was able to fit us in.  Surprisingly my Mom and Dad agreed to come with us and a lot of Barb's family drove up from Southern California.  For those of you that are mathematically challenged that is about 45 years.  I did spend the first year in Vietnam so I am not sure how to count it all.  Just for the record, I will count it all.  With my early retirement from the Military (30 years is early?) We have had a lot of time to be together that some people didn't have.  

I think my deer feeding station has been discovered by the birds and they are enjoying the cracked corn more than anything else.  The little birds are still up here by the house and hitting the black oil sunflower seeds and the suet block.  I can see blue jays and the doves down the hill.  They do have to come back up the hill to get a drink out of the heated water bowl.  

Better get running and try my best to get up to something.


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