What's in a Name?

This morning there was a TV program about Outlaws.  "Baby Face" Nelson was from Salisaw, OK.  That's two.   My Grandparents Erma and Curly Fruits, lived in Susank, KS and moved to Pruitt, AR.  That's six.  I can't remember how many times George "Quanta" Parker took me past Parker, KS or Bucycrus. Nine?  Oh, Curley's real name was Richard Milton Fruits.  That's where my little brother Richard Petty got his name.  Guess what?  he loves NASCAR too.

Millard Filmore Molthrup IV and Candidate Antwan Jundwea Obia Julu were class mates of mine in OCS.  So was the the son of Glen Petty a class mate of Glen Priddy. Who was really a Rocket Scientist at the Red Stone Arsenal. Two of my new favorites are brothers Oscar and Rocky Schmoe.  No Middle names are needed for them.  

I am going to call these Deer Oscar & Rocky

In Vietnam, I served with an officer they called "Gentlemen" Johnny Lott because every time he got the gun section chiefs together he would start out with "Gentlemen, listen up"  He had a southern accent and he could spread the honey of calm on the most chaotic moments.  

MUD and Tiger
In 1947, I, MUD was born.  Mom and dad had all good intentions of calling me David Arron Petty but the term DAP had a bad connotation back then.  They stuck an extra D on my grandfathers name and Ennis Earl Petty became Dennis...   My wife agreed that David was a good name and it stuck on our son.

Number One Son, Dave
Dave's mother of the number one son picture above is Barbara.  Yep, Dave married a Barbara so we now have Barb Senior and Barb Junior.  He really lucked out.  They both love him and they like each other.  

Barb Junior
Now down to the appellation MUD I use on the "Riding With Mud" title for this blog.  Years ago my wonderful niece Carrie fell and broke some teeth after I growled at her.  As she was in her mother's arms, eating an ice cream cone. she said, "M-M-Mean Uncle Denny"  My sister said yep, MUD is a good name for you.  I hung on to that name for years and one day when I was looking for a good name for my blog, I combined my passion for riding my recumbent bike and my nickname.   Riding with MUD.  

MUD on his Bent


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