Well No Wonder! (Is this part 2)

This morning someone posted a nice little short ditty that described the problems my wife and I had at the beginning of our marriage.  It was a rocky start but things have worked out.  Here is a short view of the Petty family Saga from the beginning.

Being a Petty, brings a verbosity that might be sharp and harsh to some people but what you see is what you get.  I think we say what we mean and we hunt down that bridge to cross and take it with force.  We tend to be loving and caring but will call it like we see it and get over it.  ADD makes holding a grudge hard.

Loving and caring but on alert
 The wife is from a family that avoids direct conflict.  They can be mean but would rather not attack but are counter punchers.  It takes her a longer time to write a message on G-MAIL because she tries to think out the entire answer not just throw some answer and see what sticks. 

Both approaches work but in different ways.  If you are being ambushed or attacked by a frontal assault, the Petty way is in a lot of ways good for the occasion.  If you are planning an invasion, Barb's way is the best.  She will try to build consensus and then execute a good plan.  There is an old saying that a fair plan well executed is better than a great plan poorly executed but they never saw one of Barb's plans.  But they probably never faced one of my attacks either.

This was evident in a trip to Germany we took.  I convinced her that renting a car and driving where we wanted to go was the best way.  We did get to see a lot of places even if I did find out that she hated the AUTOBAHN in a little red Opal.  She was always worried about getting a hotel and my I knew that Germany was a place with lots of good places to stay and they would be pretty clean and nice.  It was a fun trip but about three days too long at the time. 

After 45 years of running into doors, I think we have managed to work out the differences.  She has become more confrontational and I a little more reserved.  No, honestly I try to let her have her way more.  Not way more, just more.  

Sometimes meeting engagements can be difficult

It is fairly clear to me that in the sunset of our years, sitting in the sun is good thing if you have a good hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.  If you don't want to grow moss on your rock, don't sit on the damp ground.


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