What Wild Ride!

Shortly after Midnight Tuesday morning, it was 70 degrees here in the Heartland.  About 20 hours later it started snowing.  This morning it is 23 degrees for a difference of 50 degrees (give or take).   It sure is a pretty picture out there with a light snow coating but when I walked out to get the paper the wind of 20 MPH let the wind cut clear through my sweatpants.    Sure made a hot cuppa coffee taste mighty fine as I read the paper.

Snowy View from our window

On snowy days, I throw a handful of cracked corn out on the porch on the lee of the house.  The porch stays clear of snow and the little birds that are ground feeders sure seem to like come up and get a bite to eat.   The woodpeckers fly in to the suet block and peck at it until they get a seed or whatever is in the suet block and another woodpecker chases them off.  The other birds hit the Black Oil sunflower seeds in the big feeder and it is a regular flight in and take off like an aircraft carrier.   I'm sure if they hadn't licked the pan down the hill clean, there would be a deer or two down there munching  on corn. I'll bet there are somewhere near 35  birds in view from the house.

Have I mentioned that I am a Jay Hawk fan lately?   Our friends to the west (K-State) lost to KU and then at Iowa State and everyone thinks they are out of the running.  Only people that aren't aware of the Iowa State defense of Hilton Coliseum  think that.  Losing to the number one team in the conference happens and we'll see what happens tonight when Texas comes to play.  

The other night, KU played West Virginia and were roundly trouncing them with the first team.  KU Starts four Seniors and a freshman (McLemore) and they play until somewhere near the 10 minute mark in the first half.  Then Coach Self puts in his 2nd team and they generally play well untill the end of the half.  The first team comes out tos build a lead in the second half and they get to rest about 5 to 10 minutes.  Near the point where the other team makes a run, in comes the first team and KU wind by a margin of 5-10 points.  Bill Self is doing his best to build his team for next year as well as win games this year.  So far it is working he has 18 wins in a row and are leading the BIG XII.  

MUD The Cameraman 
Earlier this year
This morning

Better close and get cracking on the tax prep.


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