Solutions Cost Money, How Fast Can We Go!

There is almost not one day goes by that I don't think about the problems facing the United States and how would I fix them.   With that said, I really think how would I allocate the funds we have to spend and have the greatest impact?

I think there is a need for National Defense spending but somewhat lower than we are spending.  My solution would be to have a smaller standing military and a larger reserve force.  The first 8 weeks after graduating from High School, everyone would get a shot at some form of mandatory training.  I would gear up the reserves to do a large part of this training and at the end of that first 8 weeks, those with the ability and aptitude would get the opportunity to complete some form of  training in a military skill.   Most would return to their homes with a reserve commitment either active or inactive with a two week training phase for the summers they are not active.  

The mail would be only a five day a week delivery system and I would encourage businesses to find a way to have people go to a web site to get coupons rather than deliver junk mail. Newspapers are soon to be replaced with the majority of the young people reading their news on line.  In some cases they are just ignorant of the news but I will give them credit for what they do know.  

I think that the telephone system is headed to some form of online system that will allow us almost complete connectivity.  We will have a system that allows us to communicate in all forms and either the internet of the phone system is going to go away.

Congress must take immediate steps to prioritize the laws and discover what they can afford to fund.  The idea of passing a new law that exempts some people from taxes or creates a new entitlement without understanding the effect on the budget is just stupid.   The idea that the federal Government is the solution is just wrong.  There is a limit to what we can afford to pay and how big the Government must be to do all that we fund now.  

I think I have said this before,  The IRS would be focused on making everyone pay their fair share of taxes at the source of payments.  The idea that we as taxpayers must file each year to figure out what is owed is not right.  Get the IRS out there in the pockets of the business owners and make sure they are withholding and sending what they withhold.  Find a level of funding we need and take that amount from every payment.  If it looks like income, take a share.  This would apply to royalties, interest payments, commissions, dividends, social security payments, retirements and income.  Everyone must pay a little.  I think that we would be surprised at how low that amount it would be if everything took a small bite. 

Yes, I know what a regressive tax is, and I would apply a spending tax on everything.  No refunds.  I don't care how many kids you have or how big a house you buy, no deductions.  I would impose a penalty on a business that wants to give their CEO millions in a bonus or stock options.  How does having an extra 10 million dollars motivate a CEO to do better?  We all know that there have been many owners and CEO's that ran a company in the ground and golden parachuted themselves into retirement with millions.

I don't care how good they are, there are no, repeat no athletes worth tens of millions of dollars to play a game.  Hollywood too.  That bunch of overpaid actors just need to tighten their belts and live like the rest of us.

Don't get me wrong, I am living pretty darned good right now after a lifetime of hard work.  We both got a degree and worked hard.  In my case I worked in the Guard plus my full time job and don't feel the least bit guilty that I am being paid for all those weekends and summer vacations I skipped to be in the Guard.  With that said, all that retirement income needs to be taxed.

To me, What the Govt Looks Like


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