Still In Love with/in Kansas

One of the beautiful things I love about the United States is that I have the right to live where I choose.  I can attempt to find a mix of geography, weather, people and the things that make me happy.  I think one of the most important things in all of this has been the soon to be 45 years together with the love of my life, Barbara.  The fact that she loves Kansas is icing on the cake. 
Seal Of My State, Kansas

I think that over the years, as we searched for the perfect place to build out house at Rabbit Run, we also looked for things to make it a perfect relationship.  I am a Conservative Republican and Barbara is not.   I think we agree that life is for living and it is that very effort that makes it all worthwhile.  We don't agree that the government is doing a good job on everything it does, but I think we realize it doesn't matter to us that much.  We both think about the future but I'm not sure worry would be an appropriate description. After a long life of Education, hard work and now finally retirement, we are settled into a life where we don't have to worry about too much.  One quote Barb uses is, "We haven't missed any meals so we don't sweat the small stuff."  
Don't you love the twinkle in those eyes?

I think the sunflower is an appropriate symbol for Kansas.  It does well in damp soil as well as dry soil.  If you think it doesn't do well in poor soil, you haven't seen the ditches full of them.  Every fall they color up our world and helps get us ready for winter.  I think the fact they provide beauty for the soul, they also provide food for the critters.  To me, I think that is kind of the joyful description for our relationship.  Barb does her best to make and capture beauty and I try to feed the critters.   The only exception is those pesky mousy critters.  I wouldn't mind if they stayed outside but try to move in with me and they become the enemy. 

Coyote like mice,  Me, not so much

This past week we met a bunch of the family for lunch in Kansas City.  It started out as a meeting of the Petty Girls but it has expanded to bring together whoever is available.  Right now it is attended by my sister who is in her 70's and Bob's babies who are three and one (soon to be two).  I think this is another reason I love to live in Kansas.  What better in life than to get the chance to laugh and share with your family.   Barb reminds me that she has been a part of my family for so long that she doesn't feel the need for a blood relationship.
What's not to love about these smiles?

I think the view from our Trail Camera is also indicative of what I find appealing about Kansas.  In the morning I go out and see who has come to visit us during the last 24 hours.  Deer, coyotes, squirrels and raccoons come down the hill to see what goodies we have left out for them.  Sure it cost a little money for that enjoyment but I had feed the birds for years.  

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are happy, live life with a smile on your face.  It not, move you butt somewhere you enjoy it.  The only anchor on your happiness is where you choose to throw it out of the boat.  (or in Debbie's case, not) 
4 Deer on the way to the feed plot.
5 Racoons on the food dish

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