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The funny papers hit my life, "right between the eyes" today.  They say the life of old retired men cycles between the three stages of activity.  First there in activity then reactivity as our bodies react to the urge to drink coffee.  (Well actually there is the need to pee first) That is big time reactivity and hopefully it doesn't happen too far from the toilet. Living here in the country, there are patches of yellow snow here and there.  Then there is the urge to eat, so we don't starve by lunch.  That is the level of pro-activity. and somewhere after lunch there is the Inactivity level also known as naps.  Notice that I didn't say anything about tweets, texts or most of that electronic activity.  Writing on this blog is about as electronic as I get.   Throw in a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV and you have it in total.

Yesterday I truly stayed home all day and did not venture out into the world except to shovel the snow off the front walk.  I found it difficult to not get out on the roads to find something to break that terrible cycle listed above.  The only thing that helped was the number of football games on TV.  I really don't know who won what other than Oklahoma State just killed whatever team they played.  

Speaking of Football, Only the KC Chiefs could win the first pick in the draft by winning the fewest games. The Kansas University Football team won the same number of games but played 5 or 6 less games to get there.  The Kansas City fans, both football and baseball will someday stop spending money on the professional losers that play in the Arrow Head complex.   The KC Chumps and the royal losers have long ago lost my interest.  I wouldn't mind if they even showed up and gave the other team a good game.  2013 is going to be a long year in the KC sports Marketplace.  When all is said and done, there will be a lot more said than done.

The last couple of days, the traffic at the feeding site has been pretty minimal.  The only regular visitor is the neighbor dog and the coyote.  Well, there is also my trips down and back to get the trail cam and put out more food.  With the two inches of snow, it is kind of dangerous for an old guy to go down the hill in my size 13 street shoes.  I wore my tennis shoes but they let snow melt in the tops of the shoe and until I went in a changed socks my feet were wet and cold.  Perhaps I need to go to Tractor Supply sometime today and get a pair of chore boots like my grandfather wore.  Barb said that her grandfather lived on a farm and always had a pair of those tall rubber boots by the back door.  In the summer, my grandfather wore what I called engineer boots and those rubber Chore boots in the winter.  I remember my foot fit in them only for a brief period when I was about 13.  

The other day I was making a junk food run to Dillon's and saw a guy my age with his mother.  It reminded me of the time I spent with my mother and i just couldn't resist saying Happy New year to her.  She put her hand on my arm and looked me right in the eyes. I could tell that she was full of life and I'll bet she had stories to tell that would keep you busy for hours.  A couple of aisles later I saw the son coming back as he had gone ahead to fetch something.  I told him that seeing his mother reminded me of how much I miss my mother.  A black lady there on the aisle said isn't that the truth. She too missed her mother something terrible.  It seemed kind of like a hassle to have to shop for mother but oh how I miss those post shopping visits. When my mother went to Tulsa to live with my brother, I mentioned that I could make her some macaroni and cheese for lunch and she said, "Oh, I don't like macaroni and cheese."  I had bought that for her at Dillon's hundreds of times.  She wasn't bashful about telling me how she wanted her salad from the salad bar made.  I wonder if she just ate so much of the yellow stuff that she no longer liked it or if she had not liked it all along.

Oh well, what the hell, what the heck do I care... I really do but the need to escape the clutches of inactivity call.



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