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Sometimes it is easier to pick a nonsensical title for a post than to come up with a great title and have nothing to say that fits.  Perhaps my Muse is still asleep on the couch and only my coffee fueled frame is here writing.

For whatever it is worth 2,248 Blogs and 85,606 hits can't be all wrong.  I have managed to piss off a couple of my readers but they haven't even opened up a blog to write so I don't feel sorry.  It takes a lot to fill these pages and if they don't like what I write, they can go elsewhere.  I don't set out to make people mad, but if it gets their juices flowing, good for them.  I would hate to think people are going through their lives bored.

I for one am going to have soup in my supper bowl and the Super Bowl just doesn't make it for me this year. The Pro Bowl didn't even make it on my radar.  I am glad they got to travel to Hawaii with their families and enjoy the great weather.  Other than that, it doesn't interest me in the least.  I made it to Hawaii twice from Vietnam and was glad to get to spend the time with the wife.  

For some reason, I have the travel bug and Alaska doesn't sound that far or bad to me.  granted that I will have to wait a while for the weather to warm up but it is still on my radar.  Barb has said that she will fly up and join me wherever I finish but the thought of riding in a car for endless days just isn't her idea of fun.  Perhaps I will take her to Idaho to visit her family and have her join me from there.  Oh well, nothing is locked in even lemon jello right now.  

Last Military Picture
I was looking through a pile of stuff here by the computer and found this picture above.  Don't ask me why they took it out of my file and gave it to me but they did.  I was going to go get the Trail camera and post new pictures of the deer but it is raining so it will just have to wait.  I did restock my supplies yesterday.  I bought a couple of bags of chopped corn and a couple of whole cleaned corn.  With tax it was about $50.00 but I'm sure that my Mother would smile at the pictures of the deer I am feeding.  

Last night, KU played West Virginia and if you haven't watched them, you might not realize that the "B" team play a lot in that game.  The senior starters were sitting on the bench because the second team needs the game experience.  Near the end of the game when they needed to seal the win the starters came back on the floor and finished the game.  The sports writers made a big deal that their Coach, "Huggy Bear" would get a $25,000 bonus if they won. The real shame is that he couldn't get out there and play for his own team.  Might be interesting to have Huggy and Bill do some playing from time to time.  They did show the Director of Basketball Operation, Former Coach, Doc Sadler make a three point shot from Mid Court on the half time show.    

Oh well, better get cranking on something.


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